Study Description

In early 2016 a survey was developed and deployed by Ahmed Alwan and Joy Doan, to investigate North American Academic Librarians’ experiences of class based microaggressions from Teaching Faculty. The survey aimed to fill the gap in IL literature in regards to microaggresions perpetrated by Taching Faculty towards Academic Librarians based on status as little-to-no quantitative data exists on the topic. Over 500 respondents from across North America took took the survey.

The survey attempted to address the following 3 points:

  1. How do Librarians walk line (or where to draw the line) between collegiality and  assertiveness when communicating/collaborating with Teaching Faculty?
  2. Do Librarians believe they have the ability to speak from a place of power?
  3. Do Librarians feel comfortable and confident to report microaggressive behavior to their superiors, and is adequate support received?


Respondents’ Demographics






Qualitative Data

In order to adequately disseminate the immense amounts of qualitative responses, we have stored our qualitative data on California State University Northridge’s open access repository–ScholarWorks.

The following data is covered by US copyright law – please contact Ahmed Alwan and Joy Doan for permission to utilize the data.

Alwan, A. and Doan, J. (2016). Microaggressions survey-qualitative data. Retrieved May 16, 2016, from

qualitative data record_screenshot
Microaggressions Survey — Qualitative Data(Scholarworks)